There are some delicious traditional American dishes that you should try. America is somewhat of a melting pot and therefore there is also a vast variety of foods that are traditional American dishes. If you are making your way to the states soon perhaps you’ll want to try one of these yummy foods.

Apple Pie

One of the most popular of these is apple pie. There are few dishes more delicious than the sweet taste of apple pie. This dish is simple to make, consisting of apple slices, buttery pastry and sugar. Other pies such as pecan are eaten in America, but the apple pie is really the most traditional of the pies.


It is not too surprising that the hamburger makes the list of a truly American dish. A hamburger is basically a beef patty or patty made of blended meat placed between two bread buns, with various options added. A standard hamburger usually has lettuce or tomato, and cheese added. You can also have other options including with onions or pickles added as well. It is common for people to eat a hamburger with French fries.

Clam Chowder

If you are in the New England region of the country, for example in Boston, you can find clam chowder. Clam Chowder is a very popular dish in the American northeast. It is a soup made of quahog shellfish, with herbs, potatoes, cream and salted pork.


As much as clam chowder is a part of the northeastern culture of the United States, so too is hominy grits a part of southern culture of the United States. Hominy grits are corn that has been milled and treated with an alkali to remove the hull of the corn. It is eaten with butter or even bacon grease, and sometimes other options are added such as sausage or shrimp. The south is well-known for its love of eating grits.

Deep Dish Pizza

Most Americans eat pizza and one of the traditional dishes is the deep-dish pizza of Chicago. This pizza consists of a very deep dough layer into which a huge quantity of cheese and tomato sauce is added. There are various options for toppings including pepperoni or sausage which are added on top of the top crust which often also has mozzarella cheese added to it. Sometimes they even add parmesan cheese as a sprinkling over the crust.

Texas Barbecue

This is another very popular dish. It is traditional to go tailgating in Texas; this is the practice of barbecuing in the parking lot at a football game. Meat is cooked over mesquite wood. Beef ribs or pork is often used and there is some variation on the barbecue method depending what region of Texas you are in. For instance, in South Texas they add a thick sauce to the meat while it is being cooked while in Central Texas they don’t add sauce while the meat is being cooked. The Texas Barbecue is probably the most traditional meal in the state of Texas.