It is very enjoyable to eat at a diner in America since their menus offer delicious comfort food. Some diners even offer breakfast all day long. They are an iconic piece of American culture. They offer traditional food and sometimes some interesting concoctions as well. If you find yourself on an American road trip, then try to check out one of these stops.

Horseshoe Cafe

One of the top diners in America is the Horseshoe Café in Bellingham in Washington State. This diner has been in operation since 1886, and it offers American style meals in 1960s-style decorated surroundings. This is a very popular diner that uses fresh and local ingredients when preparing their meals.

Tops Diner

Tops Diner in New Jersey is another top diner to eat at. This diner in Newark offers meatloaf, eggs Benedict, and a tasty hamburger with cheese, pickles and bacon. This may well be the best diner in New Jersey to eat at. In New York we have Tom’s Restaurant which is known for their lemon ricotta pancakes. They also offer tasty eggs and other options. This is such a popular spot to eat at that is very busy especially on weekends.

O’Rourke’s Diner

In Connecticut there is O’Rourke’s Diner which has been open since 1941. This diner is very popular and offers menus with a strong Irish influence. They offer a toast that is covered in clotted cream and delicious homemade jam. This French toast is made from delicious Irish soda bread. They also offer an omelet that is made from 6 eggs and is stuffed with sausage, bacon, veggies and cheese.

The Palace Diner

Also in the northeastern region of the United States is The Palace Diner in Biddeford, Maine. They offer a scrumptious breakfast menu that is served all day. They offer food such as corned beef hash with eggs and toast, omelet du jour with potatoes and toast. You can also order yummy buttermilk flapjacks or French toast. If you would prefer something healthier then there is always the granola and yoghurt option.

Rick’s White Light Diner

For Cajun-style meals you can visit Rick’s White Light Diner in Kentucky. They have crawfish pies and alligator po’boys. This diner is very old having been established in 1943 and it is often considered to be the best diner and eatery in the state of Kentucky.

Frank’s Diner

Located in Wisconsin is well-known for providing great tasting food. You can order yummy peanut butter and jelly pancakes or delicious tasting French toast cinnamon rolls. This diner is ranked as one of the best in Kenosha County in Wisconsin.

Lucy’s Diner

Lucy’s Diner is a well-known chain of diners in Arkansas. They offer hash browns with several choices and they have over 100 drinks to select from. This diner is also open 24/7 so you can get a meal any time you are hungry. We have discussed the top diners in America that a person can eat at. No matter what you prefer, there is always a great place to eat at.