Minnesota is the above of some of the best master chefs in the world, and this has made their restaurant a must-visit for people craving for delightful dishes and delicacies.  There are a lot of restaurant in Minnesota that will keep you in the city and make you come back for more. Below is a list of the best dining restaurants in Minnesota.


Located at 825 Marquette Ave Minneapolis MN. Manny’s Steakhouse is a place where you can enjoy the pleasure and tantalizing taste of well-cut and seriously served red meat. At the Manny’s you get to be served USDA certified and dried aged meat hand trimmed by the master butchers. Their menu includes local ingredients like chicken, chop and fresh vegetables. You can also get steaks and crab legs. If you want a place where you can enjoy meat to your satisfaction, you should check out the Manny’s.


The Alma restaurant is an American restaurant with a diverse history. The restaurant has been serving Minneapolis since the time the first neighbourhood was formed. Alma also has a café where you can enjoy refreshing beverages. The beautiful American restaurant offers excellent dessert and a three-course fixed priced menu for dinner. You don’t have to worry if you are coming from a long distance to eat at Alma because they offer up to 7 rooms for guest who want to stay overnight in an urban location and for locals looking for a fast getaway. The restaurant is located in a historic building at 528 University AVE SE Minneapolis.


The Oceanaire commitment to freshness sets them aside from another top restaurant. They prepare seafood from the best and most reputable suppliers. Each dish served at the restaurant is carefully prepared and crafted to ensure the high standard and quality of the restaurant is upheld. Their menu is based on the market available, and this makes them unique. It also gives you to enjoy different delicacies at different times. They are also committed to creating lifelong aficionados for, their guest and they make customers satisfaction their priority.  Oceanaire is located at 12 different places in the United States. You can check out their locations at here.


The experience of Capital Grille restaurant from that moment you enter into the hall is comfortable elegance. They have an African mahogany panelling and Decorative chandeliers that provide a warm and soothing atmosphere. They are the renowned and acclaimed providers of fresh seafood as well as world-class wine. They listen attentively to your needs to give you the best satisfaction you desire. The steaks served at the Grille are meticulously and carefully dry aged with flavour and texture for more than 18 days to give them the perfect taste. The Capital Grille is located in different places such as Washington DC, Downtown Chicago, Minnesota as well as Las Vegas.

Have you ever been to Minnesota? If yes, your next stay there is about to change forever. And if no, you should mark your calendar for an exciting trip to Minnesota.