Taking your children to the best amusement centres, playgrounds or buying them toys goes a long way in ensuring that they are happy at all times. All this fun and toys may not be as exciting and entertaining as we want them to be if we don’t give them the best dining experience. Having kid or children in tow becomes an excellent excuse for us to order that fancy macaroni dish and cheese or focaccia rosemary bread all because the kids can’t wait to get their food. There are a lot of fantastic eateries all around Minnesota that entertain and welcome the needs of children and their weary parents with enormous plates of high quality that may or may not have smiles on them. Are you looking for the best family dining in town? Here are some of the great eateries that offer you fantastic dining experience.


Located at 86 South 9th Street, Minneapolis, Angel Food Bakery is a kid-friendly restaurant that offers gooey sticky buns, fresh cupcakes, flaky croissants. You don’t have to eat and just go home; Angel food bakery is a demonstration show bakery where you can watch how what you are eating is made. The eatery opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 6 pm on weekdays, and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends, and they could close early if they have a sell-out. The Bakery also offers catering and delivery services too. If you are searching for a place where your kid can see how cupcakes are made while allowing them to enjoy the taste, then Angel Food is the place to be.


Situated at 114 South 9th Street, Minneapolis, Keys Café is your stop shop to get just anything your stomach would love to get. The café offers something for everyone and this has made it a popular destination for a family looking for a tasty treat. Their menus include tuna melts, Huevos Rancheros, meat loafs and pizza. Those good peeps on a diet could substitute a side of their bacon for a party of food or decide to get the salad for the available extensive salad menu. You should not forget to save room for dessert if you can because a lot of option yummy and edible options are available including chocolate cookies and apple pie. Those who are allergic to gluten should not worry because gluten-free options are also on the menu. Pay on delivery is also available throughout their work hours.


Tilia is a favourite and very welcoming neighbourhood bistro, and little kids and diners share and feel the love when they are given colourful lunch boxes filled with all kinds of assortment such as tiny notebooks, markers, rubbery toys and other trinkets. The menu for kids is a toy itself printed on a paper resembling those fortune teller doohickeys. Adventurous and enthusiastic tots can feed on the stick to classic cheeseburgers or fried shrimps. Either way, the kids get a cookie if they can finish up their food. To know more about Tilia visit here.

Regardless of the taste of your kids, Minnesota has all their needs covered. If you are searching or looking for a place to get the best culinary for your family, Minnesota is the place to be. For more family-friendly restaurant visit this site.