Culinary skills are one of the things every visitor or traveller lookout for when they get to a new location. It is one of the essentials that make us feel and enjoy hospitality at its peak. Behind every enjoyable and excellent dining experience, there is a culinary master. When you talk about the best culinary in the world, Minnesota is home to some of the worlds renowned experts. The city can boast of several master Chefs who can make you forget your worries and entice you with sweet sensation you will love to keep forever. They are notable chefs who have several awards and accolades to their names to prove their worth. They have made a statement that Minnesota can maintain its culinary front.


Jorge Guzman is an executive chef at Surly Beer Hall and Brewer’s table in Minnesota. He was a semi-finalist for the James Beard award this year. His culinary and leadership skills won his restaurant a spot at the Food and Wine’s Restaurant of the year list for 2016. Guzman had always had a passion for cooking from the tender age of six when he spent hours with is Grandmother learning how to cook from the Granny. After he graduated from Culinary Institute of America, he has worked for several restaurants in the states and got to Minnesota in 2006. He started working for Surly in 2014, and the Minneapolis company is always proud of the accolades Guzman has earned.


Jim Christiansen often referred to as a rare cook an experienced Chef who has worked for both for renowned restaurants, such as Noma and McDonalds. While at Noma Kitchen he won raves for his creative menu served there. Jim started his culinary career as a teenager when he worked for a fry station at a fast-food chain. He later made Elegant French food while at La Belle Vie in Minnesota and this made the bone of his career. The master chef became more famous when he left Noma to open his first restaurant named Heydey along with some of his friends. He prepares Hyper seasonal recipes, such as vegetable bagna cauda, lamb tartare with Elderberry-flower buds and a combination of sautéed, picked and vegetables with grilled oil.


Steven Brown regarded by award-winning culinary critic Dara Grumdahl as one of the biggest cooking talents ever produced. Also, considered by several culinary experts as the one who makes the best food for the city, pound for pound, food for nourishment. He also adds the esteemed title of restaurateur to his resume and also spells from different cities, such as Italy, New York City and Mexico among others. Brown passion for cooking started off at an early age when he took an interest in his mother’s Betty Crocker’s cookbook where he started to make adventurous dishes. He’s begun restaurant job at the age of 12. He won the MSP”S best cook of the year for 2016 among other awards he’s earned over the years. He’s an executive chef at Tilia and also the Owner of St. Genevive a world class restaurant that gives you a world-class experience.

If you are looking to get an unforgettable dining experience and incredible experience that satiate the senses and palate, Minnesota is the place to experience the taste of the best dishes and multi-course cooked and prepared by the master chefs.