Here are a few of the best cafes throughout Minnesota.

Claddagh Coffee

It’s funny to say that, this place is ranked number one coffee shop in all of Minnesota but, the owners just so happen to come from Irish descent. Their business logo represents love, friendship, and loyalty. So clearly, if you ever visit this place, you will feel more than welcome. The staff here not only has a loving environment, but they dedicate to making top quality coffee, as well has homemade goods such as pastries, soups, and lunchboxes. They also have a great menu if you want to eat more than a mere coffee and snack.

Five-Watt Coffee

These guys take their coffee time seriously. To them, it is not only about preparing great coffee, but also, making sure that the setting is just right for you. They know that a good coffee, should also come with good memories. This friendly staff makes a strong effort to connect with people, as well as remember them, so that they can feel more and more at home each time they pay a visit.

The Bachelor Farm Café

People are drawn here for the perfect setting this coffee shop has to offer, other than the mouth-watering pastries and savoury snacks. The coffee seems to never fail, and the staff is one of those that will always welcome you with a smile. Plus, the environment this place has, gives you the chance to work peacefully, while enjoying their great taste in music.

Kopplin’s Coffee

The design of this coffee house is special in particular, as they base it off traditional European coffee houses. They love to experiment, making them unpredictable. They can switch up their menu and pastries often, offering something new each time. Plus, this is a family-run business, so it holds a cosy family-oriented environment.

Quixotic Coffee

The name of this place has a cool story to it and surprisingly, it makes it the most appealing place on this list, in my opinion. The word “quixotic” does have a variety of meanings, but mainly, it is known to mean, idealistic, or unrealistic. Or with this business in particular, “romantically idealistic”. John Cleveland said, “The Quixotes of this age fight with the wind-mills of their own heads.” Basically, what he meant was that the day-to-day fears and problems we face, are all in our head. And at the Quixotic Coffee house, they try their best to offer more than a nice coffee. They put a lot of effort into giving you an experience where you can forget about all those worries. Even if it’s just for a little while.

The Good Day Café

The Good Day Cafe is known for their warmth. They will always offer their services in any way that will meet all of their customers’ needs. Whether they are meeting up for a business meeting, or a social gathering, you will always feel welcomed here. Plus, their coffee and food will not disappoint anyone. Since the very day they opened, which was 2007, their goal has remained the same, which is, to always make you feel like part of their family.