Everyone loves a good buffet and there are many to choose from in Minnesota. Whether you live in town or just visiting while on vacation, you must know the best buffets to eat all you can. Keep reading to find out the best buffets in Minnesota.

Teppanyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this buffet features authentic flavors of Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisine. Teppanyaki Grill is a sushi restaurant, Chinese buffet, and hibachi restaurant all in one. All meals are made fresh each day. The dinner menu is versatile and includes items that will appeal to almost everyone, such as chicken, steak, crawfish, and salmon. The buffet has over 250 different items to choose from, complete with salad and desserts. The hibachi at Teppanyaki is some of the most delicious Mongolian style food in the area and the sushi bar is one of a kind. If you don’t like what’s on the hibachi menu, feel free to create your own dish at no extra cost! The skilled chefs will cook up your meal just the way you like it! Teppanyaki Grill is very kid friendly and offers a chocolate fountain that is every kid’s dream, and they even host birthday parties if you’re in need of a venue. It’s an all you can eat, one stop shop!

Teppanyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet

Mystic Lake Buffet

The Buffet at Mystic Lake, Minnesota’s largest casino, is one of the best buffets in town. Located in Prior Lake, Minnesota, it’s one of the most popular spots for a bite to eat. At The Buffet, there is something for everyone, from homemade pizzas and fresh pasta to sizzling stir-fry made right before your eyes. It’s a global feast with International cuisine and All-American favorites that everyone can enjoy! The Buffet offers special nights and their most popular night is Seafood night, which is on Sundays, where they serve up crab legs, fresh oysters, chilled shrimp, steamed mussels, and so much more. On Friday nights in the months of May and June, they offer Ballpark Night where they serve up hot dogs, philly cheesesteaks, italian beef sandwiches, complete with a nacho bar. What a perfect way to get your American favorites all in one place. Since The Buffet is situated right in the heart of the casino, you can eat and then play your heart out with bingo or slots. However, if you’ve had too much to eat and don’t feel like hanging around at the casino, there’s no reason why you can’t use your smartphone to play on Pokerstarscasino or other online platform.

Boca Chica

Boca Chica, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is an authentic Mexican cuisine restaurant and buffet. This restaurant offers a lunch buffet that serves up three unique, homestyle dishes, enchiladas, tacos, soup, salad, and more each and every day. If you love Mexican food and don’t want to choose between enchiladas or tacos, why not have both and this wonderful buffet. There are always new and different authentic entrees to choose from and you can load up your plate with all of the tacos, mexican rice, and enchiladas you can handle. Boca Chica also does catering and if you’re having an event, they have no problem allowing you to use their banquet room for a true Mexican experience

Q. Cumbers

Q. Cumbers is nothing like your traditional buffet. Located in Edina, Minnesota, it’s a nice blend of healthy and comfort foods. Q. Cumbers serves up more than just vegetables and boasts a salad bar that is over 50 feet long. If you’re looking for comfort food, they offer steaming hot homemade soups everyday. Each day they offer several different soups to choose from such as chicken noodle, vegetable soup, Caribbean chicken chili, and broccoli cheese soup. There is always a soup to keep you warm and feeling cozy! Q. Cumbers also offers a bakery as well. Q. Cumbers motto is ‘Where vegetables are good,” and they pride themselves on offering healthy foods that are so good, you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue

Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue

Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue is a very popular all you can eat buffet located in Richfield, Minnesota, just minutes from Mall of America. They offer a full menu or an ingredients bar with a beautiful array of meats, noodles and vegetables where you can create your own meal. Chefs will prepare your unique meal right before your eyes. This is a great buffet, especially for those picky eaters because you get to pick what exactly goes into your meal. The restaurant accompanies your meal with a plate of fried wontons and sweet sauce that they place at every table. After dining here, most people like to visit the Mall of America, which is the most famous mall in the United States. There, you can shop, be entertained, and snack if you have any room left from the meal at Khan’s.