In this informative piece, we will discuss four of the very best and most successful Top Ten Chefs in the United States, along with their restaurants, awards, and recognition. Read on to learn about the art of cooking and the life achievements of these chefs. Also, you can visit their restaurants to enjoy some of the delectable dishes they offer.

Thomas Keller

Thomas is the most famous of all the chefs in America. He was born on the 14th of October, 1955 and is one of the most successful chefs in the country. A writer of several cookbooks, Thomas Keller, has a lot of restaurants and is first in the ranking of top 10 chefs in the US. He has won several awards.  In 1996, he was a prominent nominee of the Best California Chef award and won the Best Chef in America in 1997. Thomas Keller’s restaurant, Per Se, was granted a 3-star rating in 2005 in the launch Michelin Guide for New York. He is the primary culinary expert in the US that has received 3-star Michelin ratings for his two restaurants, The French Laundry and Per Se. Thomas Keller has many other awards and recognition.

Mario Batali

Among America’s top ten chefs, Mario Batali is ranked second. An author, culinary expert, and restaurateur, Mario was born on the 19th of September in 1960. Apart from his exceptional traditional culinary skills, he is also a media identity. He has restaurants in LA, New York City, Las Vegas, Hong Kong Westport, New Haven, Connecticut, etc.  His eatery, Babbo in New York, was rated by the James Beard Foundation as The Best New Restaurant.

Eric Ripert

Born on the 2nd of March in 1965, he is a specialist in French food. Owing to his popularity, he comes third as the best chef in the US. He is a TV media personality, who is loved for his unique French dishes and his studies on fish in the US.In the annual rating of The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants by S. Pellegrino, Eric’s restaurant, Le Bernardin, sited in NYC is ranked as one of best restaurants worldwide. This restaurant has the final awards of 4-star ratings from The New York Times as well as 3-star ratings from the Michelin Guide.

William Bradley

William Bradley is the last chef we will look at in this write-up. When he was only 39, he became the Director or Executive Chef of the famous Addison (award-winning) at the Grand Del Mar.He started his culinary career at a very young age in an Italian restaurant located in Bonita. Bonita is a residential location in the northern part of San Diego.

He is recognized as an exceptional chef in the US on many occasions.In 2012, he was selected to partake in the Council Membership of the Bocuse d’Or USA Foundation. He was a semifinalist in the 2012 James Beard Foundation award. He has also been honored with many other awards.