Eleven Madison Park in New York City, NY, USA

This is a great dining place that offers spectacular service and seasonal tasting food and has an interior with exquisite décor and white table-cloths. The restaurant, which is owned by both Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, offers cool menus containing 7 – 9 courses, which let guests enjoy the most sumptuous of local dishes.

Le Bernardin, New York City, NY, USA

This dining gem has, over the years, been honored on several occasions with multiple accolades. Some of these are as follows: It has been on the 50’s Best list; has, since 2005, received 3 Michelin stars and is only dining destination that has maintained four stars from The New York Times for all five reviews. Le Bernardin, which is now under the control of Chef Eric Ripert, first opened in New York City in 1986.

Pujol, Mexico City, Mexico

According to the World’s Best Restaurant List, this dining destination is the best in Mexico. And looking at the pedigree of the restaurant’s chef and owner, Enrique Olvera, it is not difficult to know the reason for such a great feat. The chef, along with the culinary team of Pujol, uses the best quality local ingredients to prepare delicious traditional Mexican recipes that would leave guests asking for more.

Alinea, Chicago, Illinois, USA

This restaurant is a mix of classical architectural designs as well as modern style. Alinea is a 3-star Michelin restaurant, whose culinary staff is led by Chef Grant Achatz, who is also its owner.  The dining destination has modified the gastronomic experience of customers with its latest culinary delight.

Quintonil, Mexico City, Mexico

Quintonil delights guests with its pleasant and modern approach to creating Mexican cuisine. It is sited in the Polanco District in Mexico City, and owned and run by both Chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife, Alejandro Flores. The restaurant, along with a warm and inviting ambiance, offers guests the finest local ingredients in Mexico for making unique dishes with great flavors.

Per Se, New York City, NY, USA

Located in NYC, this dining place is the brainchild of Thomas Keller. Its culinary team specializes in modern French-American cuisine. Chef Eli Kaimeh is the one in charge of this restaurant and makes unique 9-course delicious menus, in collaboration with his team, using those recipes with seasonal quality.

Biko in Mexico City, Mexico

Chefs at Biko restaurant — Mikel Alonso, Gerard Bellver, and Bruno — offer a blend of French, Spanish and Basque flavors, which are the places of origin of the trio.These flavors are combined with tantalizing Mexican ingredients to create a unique experience for guests. Biko is undoubtedly a place to be, due to its innovative recipes as well as authentic Basque dishes.

The French Laundry in Yountville, CA, USA

The French Laundry is another restaurant of the icon, Thomas Keller. It has 3 Michelin stars and delights guests with modern ingredients, which are never repeated on a menu more than once. So dining at The French Laundry is guaranteed to give a unique experience with every course.